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Residential/Office/Commercial/Industrial Services

Many types of doors carry common locks and can be found in different places including residential buildings, industrial estates, Commercial premises and offices. However we also cater for special locks that need extra expertise and technical knowledge. We can supply new keys, replace old locking systems with new ones and also fix door locks.

House Lockout
Do not be embarrassed. Just give us a call and we'll get you sorted.

Garage Locks

We can handle various types of garage builds including residential and industrial.

Locks Change/Repair


If you need to change or repair any kind of lock we can help you.

Rekey/ Master key

Do you need assistance to reconfigure a master key or require a new one? Call us today on 79235660 to know more.

Duplicate Keys


We can make a copy of your key rapidly.

Non-Destructive Entry


Did you lose your house key or perhaps you left it inside? Do not worry. We will open your house door without using destructive measures.

We also offer the additional residential services:

Total Home Security

We can replace old locks and install new ones in your home. 

Pick-Proof Cylinder Deadbolts

This locking system makes lock bumping almost impossible. Contact us on 73235660 to know more


Call us now on 79235660. We offer 24/7 support

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